Motor World: Bike Factory App revisa

Too expensive to play

The settings to play the game are so high it’s asking to buy items all the time too expensive to play!

Worst game ever!!!!

Let me say I put enough time and money into this game, so I know what I’m talking about. When I start something I like to see it through and finish. This game will make you rethink playing any games in the future. Every time I click on the arrow to add more workers, it cuts out and ends!!! Then you have to restart. The workers need to be fed donuts when their stamina runs out. I think they should be able to work longer than 5-10 seconds!!! They drop off faster than you can feed them or replace them. When you try to click on something it usually recognizes whatever is next to what you want, therefore wasting time by forcing you to close out and retry. I never played a game that was more aggravating and frustrating! I really want to finish this game and build all the bikes but it actually is making that near impossible. If you love giving away your money and having a game close on you over and over..then this game is for you! I would give it less than one star if it was possible! I am disgusted!!! This is the first time I actually wrote a review because I seriously couldn’t take it any longer!!!

Horrible buying system

I have recently had an encounter with this game and it made me absolutely hate it. Normally I will buy some things that are on sale in games and with the new sale for mystery cards I bought 7 for .99$ and as soon as the transaction was complete the game completely restarted and didn’t give me my 7 mystery cards and waisted my money. And I play this game a lot and it never restarted for any reason so that makes me believe that’s intentional and a way to get you money from you so I would very like a refund from the .99$ or my 7 cards back

Won’t give me event reward!

This is a great game! I’ve played it a lot. But it won’t give me my reward for the event! I even updated the game because the update says it fixed that issue, but I’m still having it! Please help!

Freezing problem

Oh bibi, will you fix this glitch on iPhone 6 where the game freezes and you have to relaunch the game please fix oh bibi, please.


The game always lags and makes it impossible to touch anything and I have to exit and reload the game


Event finished recently, and the reward has not been dispensed yet. How long does that take?

Ads are overwhelming

The game is great but the ads every 30 seconds are overwhelming. I deleted due to this.

Was fun but the ads....

Fun app but the ads have almost rendered it unusable. I enjoyed this in the past but no more. I rarely use it, I'd delete it but I have a ton of progress and the cloud save is unreliable.

Stop the ad madness

I've played all 3 of your factory games now there are so many ads that occasionally I have to shut game down because the ad covers the x button please go back to how it was

Don’t like the adds

Is there a way to get rid of the adds avery 15 seconds .. is getting to ridiculous

Game was fun

This was a fun game. It’s now unplayable due to advertisements that keep popping up and blocking the game play. What a shame.

Fun with and issue

Sometimes when I am playing the banner ads pop up and when I’m on level up or whatever I can’t click continue. Besides that, it’s a really great game. Confusing at first, then great.

Too many ads! Fix this devs! Please!

I would give this game a 5 star but I have to give it a 3 star. The game is very fun but I am having ads pop up every 30 seconds which get very annoying after a while. Hey developers of Oh BiBi, Could you guys fix the ad problem? If so that would be wonderful!


This game and the motor world used to be good but now there’s just as after ad


I was an avid player of this game series now there are too many ads and it makes it crap

Ads, ads, ads

Really enjoyed this but started getting pop up ads constantly. No continuity in play.

Adds galore!

The latest update forces adds in the middle of game play. Deleting.

Too many ads

It was a good game until they started forcing nonstop ads.

Game not working and can’t get support

Deleted the game. Not fun when it doesn’t work.

Update is terrible

I've enjoyed the game until this update. Ads popping up continuously is very annoying. May have to give this game up.


Way too many ads


I love this game because I love motorcycles and tycoons 🚲🛵♥️

Aggressive Ads now

I’ve put a lot of hours into this game and gladly watch ads for the Mystery cards which both help me and support the developers. Now I’m getting an ad randomly every 45 seconds and nothing for it. If this isn’t changed ASAP I’m done. How greedy!

I love this game make one about go karts

Du u

Marty b

its really good


Old but nice retro



Please add this

Hi, i like the app. Please add the ability to play other music/podcasts in the background. Whenever I try, they don't allow it.


I love the game




Everytime I open the app it closes on me!

cool game

good no great game but if u r like me and love cars play motor World

Great game

This game is really good

Great game

Slow paste but worth it!!!


I created a YouTube video on this and everyone wanted to play it after great game though.



Fun game

Played the car version also. Fun game just takes awhile to get anywhere. Add me please. Code is fha35k. Hey pools, it did that to my purchase as well. I selected it again and it pushed the download though with no charge and worked fine. I would try it again if they don't fix it.

Scammed me

I got scammed when I bought a 5Dollar special offer 3 and my username is __Eman2016_


Add me : erburuq


Love the game. It plays supper great and is mega addicting. My only issue is that there is not enough bikes. In Moto world there were so many cars. Can you guys do this with this one.


Awesome game

Waste of time

Game does not pay out the event rewards. And nobody will contact you back when you tell them. But there quick to ask for money.


Fun game



Deleted Game

Deleted game until more features like craft and other adventure worlds are added to it instead of just working on events.

No follow up and customer satisfaction

Very disappointed in the system, I don't receive any reward that I should be winning and when I report it no one answers back !!!!

Gets kinda boring, but it is a good game

Okay, I won't lie; The game was pretty good and it has easy controls but the fact that the workers required donuts every ten seconds really got on my nerves... I mean come on!! Is that really necessary to the game? I mean, all games have their flaws but this is ridiculous! Not as ridiculous as Club Penguin, but I'll stop here, I'm not here to go off on the game because like I said, it WAS pretty good, I really like the dino bike, cool..


My favorite! No bugs, no inappropriate stuff...AND MY FAVORITE GAME!

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